I hope this finds you well. I recently ordered a Blessing Basket made in Uganda. It was for a very special occasion and I was told by your office that it would be perfect. I’m writing to let you know that the basket was, indeed, absolutely perfect. Further, I learned a very interesting connection with this particular basket. For the past year, my parish of St. Mary has had a deacon in residence from Uganda.  I did not tell Deacon {soon-to-be-Father} Anthony about the basket until the day after his Ordination when he celebrated his First Mass at our parish. His mother also arrived from Uganda for the celebrations. I presented the basket with all his congratulatory cards in it to him and his mother. I explained that it was made in Uganda and also that the name of the woman who made it was attached. I asked Father Anthony and his mother to keep this woman in their prayer. I cannot begin to tell you the awe I experienced when Father Anthony and his mother asked me to show them the name, and they both said, “I KNOW HER!”. What a small world…Her name is Namuskasa Teddy. The basket was used for this very special purpose on June 3 of this year.

Joan S. - Grafton, MA